Eastbouorne Pier

Eastbouorne Pier

Monday, 17 October 2016

quick one on body memories

Hey guys,

so my updating of this continues!!! I'm still in hospital on section, and feeling trapped, but this time I wish to write about living in the past.

for those who follow my blog they will know that I had an extremely difficult childhood (because of my evilness), and my punishment for this is that I continually live in the past, through flashbacks and body memories. NOTE I would not say to anyone else that it was a punishment only me.

I don't know all my triggers that send us flying back though time to a time that it hurt (a lot) and out is like that I am reliving these times. for those triggers do know I avoid them at all costs, but this is not always possible, from it being environmental - for me one of these is church bells ringing, and living in the UK this makes avoiding those all most impossible. To ones I might not expect say on TV.

There is much scientific controversy over whether cells in the body remember the trauma. I know, however,  that it is true!!!! often, at least for me, when a new memories are emerging it's often my body that remembers it first before the visual and other sense's come into play. its important to realise the during a flashback that more often than not a!l the senses are involved.

the question this leads to is how to deal to is how can we deal with them?

if you google grounding techniques, you will come up with million different ideas, try different ones too see what works for you. for example with me, I find techniques that are external too my body a lot less triggering than those that focus on breath or my body.

if you have ideas feel free to post them.

till next time


PS photo is of my wrist and the ribbon for PTSD

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  1. Still the same lucy hill. Wasting NHS money