Eastbouorne Pier

Eastbouorne Pier

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


hey guys,

well as Easter approaches, I sit in dread for another holiday where families will be getting together and sharing time, and I'm not, I'm on my own, but the alternative would be far to scary to even imagine. however its made me think, think about what a family is, and whether you can make your own???

I love the saying that "friends are the family you choose" cause whoever choose my biological family was seriously having a joke on me! but what is a family?

as far as I am concerned a family is people who care about each other, that want each other to be happy but are there when things aren't going so great.

thinking about it I think this idea of family, and it being close people around you means for a lot of people that it is their friends that they turn to when they need a shoulder to cry on, or the first person they ring when they get some good news is becoming more friends for more and more people. Society has changed so this is possible and that can only be a good thing?

my own family let me down, badly. but writing this means I have a great circle of friends that are the family I choose. the people I want to spend time with and are there for me, as I am for them.

The last few years holidays such as Easter have filled me with dread, the whole get together ideas, and reminded me how much I have lost because I was honest. and it still does on days where im feeling generally down. but when I think about who I do have in my life I know I have the better deal than those I have lost, and I jus got to keep reminding myself of that.

love you guys...you know who you are xxx

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